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  • All Bark Support Associates are properly vetted & pass background checks.

  • All Bark Support Associates have a commitment of a minimum of 9 months.

  • All Bark Support Associates are fully equipped with working & safety protective gear.

  • All Bark Support Associates are thoroughly trained and passed the Bark Support Pets Handling Training.

  • All Bark Support Associates are Fair Paid.

Ultimately, the most beautiful part is that from the very beginning, all Bark Support Associates are able to truly feel, work hard to adjust and meet, and to support Bark Support Dream, Vision, Mission, and Purpose!


From the other side, early on, Bark Support made sure that when someone is joining our team, Bark Support Ideal & Legacy are truly felt, met, and their expectations are fully supported! That Bark Support fits as a meaningful experience, would work for their life, will be a great school, and ultimately will bring order in our Associates' lives!!! 

The Bark Support Team consists of a small number of professional pet caretakers who are fully vetted and successfully passed the vigorous Bark Support training process.

They are the ones that uphold Bark Support's mission and strive for the best interest of yours and your pets!

With respect to everyone's privacy, we share our Pet Care Associates' profiles only with Bark Support Clients.


Being truly felt, met, and supported is the Bark Support  way!

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