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If you cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

We will be more than happy to assist you!

  • What areas do you cover?
    Currently, Bark Support covers Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Downtown Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Are you insured and bonded?
    Bark Support is fully insured and bonded by Veracity Insurance Solutions through PCI. Pets, properties, and third parties are covered, and we provide proof of coverage to Clients.
  • Will I meet my Pet Caretaker in person before the service starts?
    Definitely! A free Meet & Greet will be scheduled for us to meet with you and your pet before the start of the service appointments, so we can get to know each other and to make sure that we are 100% ready before we start the new journey with your pet. Due to the pandemic, we have the option to have the meeting 50/50 indoor and outdoor, or outdoor altogether, depending on your preference. Bark Support's Covid-19 safety protocol will be observed during the Meet & Greet, as well as during all service appointments.
  • How will I know that my pet has been cared for?
    You will receive real-time notifications the moment we arrived in your home and at the end of each service appointment. Notifications are delivered by email and if you downloaded the Pet Check Technology app, you will get real-time alerts on your mobile phone. After every service appointment is completed, we will submit a detailed notes report, mandatory 3 pictures (take in real-time, we cannot upload photos), and a GPS tracked route map. We recommend Bark Support Clients to download the Pet Check Technology App to keep track directly from your mobile phone.
  • Do you do off-hours dog walking? What about on the weekends and during the holidays?
    Yes, we are open for off-hours dog walking, on the weekends, and also during the holidays. Although our operation hours are stated between 8am - 8pm, we are able to cover pet care appointments even at 7am or 9pm! It depends on yours and your pet's needs and our availability at the time. Requests in advance is highly appreciate so we can meet your needs as best as possible. See more details in Service and Fees page. Please contact us if you have more questions. 😃
  • Do you do cat visits?
    Yes, we do cat visit appointments! We have feline experts on board! During the appointment, your beloved kitty cat will be fed per your instructions, gets fresh water refilled, litter box cleaned, any accidents will be cleaned up, medicine administration, and more. A visit also includes active interaction, playtime, lovey-dovey time, if the time allows, and if your cat loves it too. Plant watering, packages pick up, and mailbox check can be requested with a cat visit appointment. For more information, go to Cat Visit details.
  • Do you do pet sitting or sleepovers? Do you do boarding?
    Yes, we do sleepovers and pet sitting with your pet in your home! Currently, sleepover service are available for existing Bark Support Clients who uses daily dog walking service only. We do not board, however it can be considered depending on each cases. Referrals may be considered. If you have any questions and want to learn more, please contact us. 😊
  • How do I log into my Client account?
    Go to Client Login. From there you will be directed to Pet Check Technology Software. In your Client account, you can schedule service appointments, view your pet's appontment schedule, update your pet's profile, see completed appointments reports, see invoices, make a payment, and more.
  • How do I pay for services?
    Your billing cycle depends on your customized selection. You will be able to make a payment for completed service appointments after receiving an invoice. You will also receive a payment confirmation after a payment is made. Available payment methods are: Cash, Paypal, Venmo, and Credit Card.
  • What is your last minute booking policy?
    Please see our last minute booking policy in Services and Rates. Advanced requests for service appointments is highly appreciated so we can fit your pet into the schedule. In case we are unable to meet your exact requested appointment time, we will get in touch with you immediately.
  • What is your appointment cancellation policy?
    Please see our last minute booking policy in Services and Rates. Advanced cancellation for scheduled service appointments is highly appreciated so we can be able to fit other pet into the schedule and also for you to avoid the cancellation charges. Full fee of the scheduled appointment will be charged if we were not notified about a cancellation and we showed up at your home.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Bark Support will safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information we obtained from you. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect for the purpose of your pet's visits. This notice describes our privacy policy as it relates to the collection, protection, and disclosure of such information such as Client registrations and profiles. Any information of yours will be stored in a confidential manner. For more information, you can look at our Privacy Policy.
  • What is your Covid-19 policy?
    Please notify Bark Support promptly if anyone in your household is unwell or has tested positive for COVID-19, so we can take necessary precautions during our pet care activity.
  • How many dogs do you walk at a time?
    Safety is Bark Support's no.1 priority. The number of dogs walking together varies in different scenarios. Depending of the pets personalities, our walks are usually 1-3 dogs at a time. In cases where similar personalities of pets can be match together perfectly, the group can reach up to 4-5 pets at a time (very rare as we prefer to keep our pack small). Group walks will happen only when all dogs in the group are comfortable, having fun, and enjoying their walk together. Solo walk may be covered if our schedule allows. For puppies: As part of our puppy support program, the first few walk appointments will be a solo walk so we can get to know each other first, establish routines, and solidify our friendship. Then, we will slowly integrate and socialize your puppy with other dogs that can be friends and even a mentor for the pup!
  • What kind of activities during the walk can be expected?
    If the time permits, all dogs will receive maximum interaction, exercise according to their capabilities, socialization, and 1000% of love! For puppies/new adoptees, a structured walk will be established, creating routines that's easily transferable to the owners. They will exercise potty training, leash manners, basic commands, and have fun, positive, and safe experience during the walks while learning to navigate the big world!
  • My pet is on a special diet/medication. Are you able to follow these requirements?
    Bark Support team is equipped and trained to assist specific needs concerning your pet such as feeding, administering medication, and other requirements needed. This applies for puppies, pet recovering from an injury/surgery, pet experiencing sensitive digestion, and also for senior pets. If feeding is required during walk appointments, we will request the Client to provide details and we will follow thoroughly.
  • Do you provide poop bags?
    We have and use our own poop bags on the walks, it's eco-friendly!
  • What about weather concerns?
    Rain or snow, we still hit the road! Bark Support will make sure your dog wears appropriate gear during inclement weather. During the winter, we carry with us and may use Musher's Secret wax to protect your pup's paws from the cold surfaces and most importantly, from the the anti-freeze chemicals (imagine walking barefoot and stepping on this, it burns the paw!). We'll wipe off the wax after the walk (it stains wood floors!). During the summer, we will walk under the shades as much as possible and may stop at the first sign of distress. Whenever the pups are wet or dirty on the their walk, we will clean them and make sure your property is clean after our appointments. Please have towels/wipes near the door for such occasion. We may experience delays to start service appointments if the weather effects our movement. If we think it's too risky to go out, we'll advise you ahead of time.
  • Would you take my dog for off leash time?
    For liability and safety reasons, Client's pets will not be let off the leash for any reason, except for a medical emergency. However, if the time permits during our walk appointments or during sleepovers, and as long as it is safe, we may bring your pup to a safe and enclosed dog run for a private off-leash fun time!
  • Do you clean up any accidents you find at home?
    Yes, and we will throw it out outside so that no funky smell lingers in your home. In such an event, where there have been an accident in your home during the service appointment, you will be updated through the notes report that we send at the end of the service appointment.
  • Do you ever leave dogs alone/unattended during walks?​​
    No. Dogs in our care are never left alone or unattended during their walk appointments. We will not risk the safety of your beloved pet!
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