Bark Support  engages in philanthropy; donating our time, money, and reputation to a couple of charitable causes ...

Everyone here at Bark Support feels blessed while caring for someone else's needs.

Foster Support


If you are an existing client of Bark Support and foster pets, no matter is it short or 365 days per year, healthy or with medical conditions, just let us know, and you will be supported with FREE OF CHARGE walks for the foster pet! All Bark Support Associates are fully paid for the appointments they completed with the foster pet.

Post Adoption Support


Every one of us can imagine how a pet would feel when it goes through the process of rescue, transportations, shelter, adoption process … 


In NYC, rescued pets usually come from the countryside environment into the fast living environment. 


Not always the past is being forgotten easily, not always experiencing school bus or city noise is going without stress … you can keep naming challenges, and look for solutions through behavior management or training … something which can cost a lot on the top of everything you did for the rescued pet.


Bark Support provides FREE of CHARGE full guidance for bringing comfort and good standing for the pets with challenges during the post-adoption process. What is cool is that this is not just theoretical guidance. We provide FREE of CHARGE work on the challenges during walks, FREE of CHARGE Pheromone Collars, Thunder Shirts, Basic Commands Learning … the more we can help the better and the more blessed we will feel!!!

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Golden Citizen Support


Bark Support provides pet care services to golden 'senior' citizens who looks for special support to care for their pets due to physical hardship they may face. We are able to offer special discounts based on individual situation, and provide advice and guidance in order to help our Golden Citizens have a great day to day with their beloved pet.

Bark Support philanthropy is active and here for long-term, strategic, focused on taking part in rebuilding lives for many pets together with the help of the good fostering people. 

Effective philanthropy today is "not about what you give, but the way that you give it".


Doing good is good karma!!!