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Nestled in the center of Fort Greene, Brooklyn is a hidden gem in the world, absolutely flawless like no other pet care service.

We are not your average dog walking service. What sets us apart is an abiding belief that pets are just like us; they also need to socialize, work on their boundaries, learn to interact with different personalities, and get more physical and mental exercise! 

At Bark Support, a walk isn’t just a walk, it’s a fully integrated program of support and development personalized to suit the needs of you and your pet. An Ultra Personalized Pet Care  & Consistent Convenience, Drama Free Systems that tailors every walk to support and nurture your pet and your specific needs.


When you see dog walkers on the street, do you notice them doing anything other than walking? Do you see them doing certain activities with the pets? Engaging with them in a specific way, stopping to see what they need, applying more commands, working on corrections, potty training, allowing them to play in the grass and smell the flowers?

What if you could find a pet caretaker who brings a genuine experience, follows the Detailed Structure of Activities during walks which are pre-arranged together with you? What if you could discover someone who is not only consistent with your instructions but knows how to contribute positively to your pet’s developmental needs?

At Bark Support , we lead with our many years of education, experience, and training to deliver an experience for your pet where they are respected, protected, nurtured, supported, and above all - LOVED.



This is why…

We don't just do “walks”. We interact, embrace challenges, socialize,

and pursue your exact expectations for your pets.

In one walk, we provide your dog with an entire package. Because to us, your dog is the entire package!


With our fingers on the pulse of all the latest developments in pet care innovation, technique,

and training we created smart organized Bark Support. 

Our Detailed Structure of Activities and Drama Free service through our Ultra Personalized Pet Care &  Consistent Convenience, Drama Free Systems makes it possible for your pets to be socialized, engaged, trained, and fully supported during every walk appointment, for the price of a single walk!


No one person is the same, and no one pet is the same. That is why we take great care to know you both, to create support that meets everyone's needs.  Every time we take your pet outside, we implement that Detailed Structure of Activities providing Support and Development. And to top it all off, we give them a huge dose of our unconditional love, all while you have Full Control on every step!


Here's how we differ from the competition:

We treat your home with respect and follow your rules: Shoes off? No problem. Your pets are our friends; we treat them with respect and follow their rules, too. If without compromise they need to have their bellies rubbed before they go outside, then on the floor, we go!


We engage and bond with your pets, showing and teaching them how to be their best self. Does your pet stop to mark every ten feet, pull on the leash, need post-adoption special support, need potty training, have anxieties, or barks at other dogs, or other ...? We will work on these issues on every walk!


At Bark Support, exceeding expectations is driven by a strong belief in true value. We pride ourselves on consistency, development building, passion, authenticity, on our influence, and the desire to see your pets reach full potential.


Everyone deserves true-value care at an affordable price, and that's why we created Bark Support.

Let us be the solution, you control the experience!!!


You and your pet deserve to feel safe and secure, to be truly felt, met, and accordingly supported, and that's why Bark Support acts as your pet's inner circle!


Experience Controlled Carefree Pet Care today! 

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