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Many of us diffuse essential oils to spruce up our home but beware! Many of these lovely smells are quite toxic to our pets! Most animals are more sensitive to essential oils than people are. Diffusing essential oils around pets may cause or worsen respiratory or liver problems in certain cats and other pets, so use them with caution. Whether they bark, chip, purr, or hiss, animals can still benefit from the power of essential oils! But please make sure that the essential oils you are burning are not toxic to your pets. Here is a list of essential oils not to use if you have a pet at home: Tea Tree Oil most commonly use at home! Anise Birch Bitter Almond Boldo Calamus Camphor Cassia Chenopodium Cloves Garlic Goosefoot Horseradish Hyssop Juniper Mugwort Mustard Oregano Pennyroyal Red or White Thyme Rue Santolina Sassafras Savory Tansy Terebinth Thuja Wintergreen Wormwood Yarrow As Veterinary Practice News states, “It is important to consult a veterinarian knowledgeable about your pet and essential oils before trying them.” Reference:


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