In the midst of the evolving Covid-19 situation, pets still remain at the core of everything Bark Support does. We want to assure you that we are doing our best to support you and your pets with our offered services.

Bark Support takes the well-being of our team, clients, and community very seriously during these challenging times. While vaccination is on the rise, cases are going down! And to top it off, CDC has advised that those who are fully vaccinated may no longer wear face masks.

As the world navigates the path towards normalcy, we shall continue to remain vigilant as the situation evolves. And in order to protect others, especially our Clients with immunocompromising conditions and still need to protect themselves, we will continue to follow our Covid-19 protocol during service appointments, such as wearing a face mask and minimize indoor activity when Clients are at home.
By the way, the Bark Support team is fully vaccinated!

As a small business, we are truly thankful for the support we’ve received during the trying times. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. ❤️🗽

Be well, stay safe, and hope to see everyone around, to share a hug, and maybe even have a drink together, once again. 😊

Bark Support Team

Bark Support's COVID-19 Safety Protocol

All Bark Support associates are provided with the following equipment and must follow these safety protocols during all service appointments especially in Client's home:

  1. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – Bark Support associates will wear masks properly, inside buildings, in Clients' homes, and whenever we are in close proximity to other people and pets indoors.

  2. Hand sanitizer – Bark Support associates will use 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It will be used before and after each service appointment, after touching any surface, or coming into contact with anyone.

  3. Disinfectant wipes and cleaning wipes – Bark Support associates are provided with 80% alcohol disinfectant wipes to disinfect equipment such as leash, harness, keys, cell phone, and surfaces. If needed, cleaning wipes will be used to clean your dog's paws and body before returning into their homes.

  4. Curbside Pickup – Depending on your preference, we can ring your doorbell or text you ahead of time so you can get your pup ready for the handoff. We can wait outside of your apartment door, your lobby, or even right outside of your building.

  5. In-Home Pickup – If you are at home during the walk appointments, we will have a mask on and swiftly take your pups out for a walk. Please make sure your pup's gear (leash, collar, harness, towels, etc.) is by the door for easy access.

  6. If you are not at home during the walk appointments, Bark Support will manage the appointments as usual; refilling water bowls, feeding, crate, and anything else needed. We will sanitize hands before/after and reduce touchpoints as much as possible.

  7. Bark Support is equipped with gears such as leashes, collars, and harnesses. If a Client wishes for us to not use their equipment, we are more than happy to utilize ours during the walks to reduce touchpoints.

  8. All group walks are active. If a Client wishes for their dog to have a solo walk, we will honor their request.

  9. All keys will be sanitized after each use, especially any keys checked out from building management.


Take Care Everyone & Let's Take Care of Each Other!